About Us

Studio4 Los Angeles is a training ground and artistic community for the serious actor, writer, director and producer. Our classes prepare students to create professional content in an educational setting.  

In our advanced programs, our artists continue to learn in a real world environment. 


S4 Member benefits:

If you are enrolled in any class here at Studio4 L.A the following benefits are available at no additional cost, and are included in your tuition/membership.

    •    Priority consideration for Master Collaborative classes

    •    Students audit and potentially work in other ongoing acting classes of the same type, at or below their levels

    •    Access to the library: borrowing privileges & access to scripts, films & other amazing resources 

    •    Film analysis nights: breakdown of films, discussion from ink to screen

    •    Attend events, screenings, Q&A’s, and other opportunities with industry professionals

    •    Submissions to exclusive casting opportunities

    •    Create your own projects on the S4 stage and screen

    •    & Much More!


What you will see:

In our acting technique classes, every student works in every class, twice weekly and outside rehearsal is required. You will see Meisner’s technique taught to cultivate professional scene work in the actors.  


Theater Rules:

In order to maintain professional classroom decorum, and to respect the work of your peers please:

    •    Turn off cell phones & any noise making devices

    •    No eating or chewing gum

    •    Water okay

    •    Please save any questions and audience response for your instructor at the end of class

    •    If you smoke, please smoke outside of our building at least 20 feet away and keep the front door closed. 

    •    After your classes, throw your trash away, leave the stage and theater cleaner than you found it, take your personal props home with you. Any props left behind that do not belong to the studio will be discarded immediately. 

    •    NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS on the premises.  

(Exception is during official Studio4 performances where it is being sold to audience.  Then it should immediately be securely stored in the office until the next performance or exit the building on closing night.)

    •    NO ALCOHOL used in rehearsal or performance of scenes.  Non alcoholic substitute ONLY.

    •    NO attending class, buzzed, drunk, high.

    •    ABSOLUTELY NO partaking of ANY mind affecting substance before or during class! 


ANY violation of ANY of the above is grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal from Studio4 LA and NYC.

What we teach is to express yourself with EMOTIONAL truth. It is NEVER acceptable to toss furniture/props, handle your partner, or damage our set in any way. Physically violent actions reek of amateurism. Simply follow this edict, act as you would on a set or in a casting office. Then I can know we have taught you well and we are proud to appear on your resume. 


1. How long does it take to move to higher levels of the work?

Progress is individually based on work ethic, abilities and skills developed. Each student is able to move through the program at their own pace and with the guidance of their instructor(s). 


2. How long are classes?

Meisner Technique classes meet for three hours, twice weekly. Scene Study & Audition Technique meets for four hours, twice weekly. 


3. I’ve taken Meisner before, do I need to start from the beginning?

We ask that you audit a technique class and speak with the instructor who will place you appropriately. 


4. Do you offer make-up classes?

Studio4 uniquely offers the opportunity to participate in any other class at your level or below. You may audit and likely work in any additional classes at or below your level. 


5. Can I start in the middle of the month?

Yes, for classes that are ongoing and you may begin at any time. 


6. How many students are generally in an acting class?

Acting classes ranges from 12-18 people. 


If you have any additional questions or concerns contact: