Acting for the Camera

with Lak Rana

The On Camera class will distill what the student has already learned in the Technique classes and focus it for the challenges of camera work.  We recommend that the students be trained in Technique work at Studio 4, but it is not mandatory.  Students of all experience levels and training backgrounds are welcome.

Actors will be given a film/TV script a week in advance and are expected to come to class fully prepared and off-book.  Then, as a class, we will break down the script and discuss how it will be shot; single camera, multi-camera, two-shot, close up, walk-and-talk – we will focus on a different lesson every week.

The students will then pair up and we will shoot the scene, mixing-and-matching partners. 

While the students wait for their turn in front of the camera, they will be able to learn from the actors who are performing by watching them on monitors.  They will see in real-time how rhythm, pacing, pauses, and movements affect the overall feel and intention of the scene.

The class will feature a professional crew and will be shot at scene-specific locations.  Each week's material will build on the previous weeks' lessons and become increasingly challenging for the student.  

The HD footage from every class will be uploaded to Dropbox and available for the students to download for study.

Although the primary goal of the class is to give you the necessary skills to work in any on-set environment, we've had many students use the footage to sign with agents and managers.

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