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- Learn the fundamentals and principles that Sanford Meisner developed over his career of teaching some of our finest actors on stage and screen
- Learn how to APPLY these fundamentals and principles to scenes (film, television and plays) using what is uniquely YOU. 
- beginning, intermediate, and advanced actors welcome (work at YOUR level-there is no "starting over")
- Script Analysis
- Emotional Preparation

Learn to connect with full responsiveness to the other actors in a scene, and live truthfully under meaningful imaginary circumstances. Actors are initiated into our reading and film study program to broaden their range and deepen their artistic and cultural insight.

You will learn a complete approach to a part from 1st read to final performance.

Matthew Scott Snyder is our most sought after and popular Meisner Technique/Scene Study teacher.  RSVP for a free audit HERE to experience why. 



Absolutely without a doubt would recommend Matthew’s Snyder as an acting coach.

I have been to many schools & acting coaches in Los Angeles and Matthew Snyder’s class was an absolute stand out & resonated with me the most.

Mathew has an extraordinary ability to coach actors in an amazingly unique way that makes you feel so alive viscerally where you gain knowledge not only as an actor however about yourself personally & human behaviour which is an important part of the craft..

Highly recommend Matthew’s classes at Studio 4 and very excited to immerse myself in his classes.
— Robyn Duse, Director of The Actors Studio Australia
Discovering Studio 4, it’s amazing classes & exceptional teaching it offers was a definite highlight of my trip to LA. Matthew’s classes are dynamic and fun. He has a great instinct but also a huge amount of knowledge and the discussions around the work are often as engaging as the work itself. His passion for the craft is genuine and infectious, and the compassion he has towards his students ensures that everyone feels supported and works towards delivering their best work. He uses the work to encourage you to move away from a manufactured style of performance in order to find the real moments where the magic lives. I learnt so much in the short time I was there I only wish I could’ve stayed longer.
— Kemi-bo Jacobs, Actor
Matthew Scott Snyder teaches with compassion, empathy and a genuine care for the growth and development of each individual student.  He knows what works and how to connect in a way that is meaningful in the moment.  I gained a confidence in myself and in the power and uniqueness of sharing my own story.  His passion and commitment to his students is unmatched.  He doesn’t judge — he’s all love.  Matthew has one of the biggest hearts and genuinely wants to see you succeed and will work tirelessly to help you.  If you want to really grow as an actor and as a human — get in this guys class!  You’ll be so happy that you did.
— Melvin Robert, Actor
My work with Matthew Scott Snyder has been very important for my work as an actor. I learned to trust myself, my feelings and impulses. I found out that just being myself is enough and that the truth about every moment, wether on stage or in my personal life, is the key to becoming the best actor I can be. I believe that there’s always something to learn, but working with Matthew at Studio4 has set me up with everything I needed to get started.

Matthew is very intuitive and patient, and he always has the right thought for you to make quick progress and reflect on your work. He lets you discover things on your own and simply offers guidance where needed. He doesn’t generalize things and is very specific about what he has to say.

Matthew has helped me for sure to improve my craft and now I am so busy, I can ́t even come to acting class anymore. Although if there ́s something I needed to work on, I ́d always love to come back to Studio4 and get my fill :)
— Jenna Curtis, Actor
Training with Matthew has brought my acting and how I feel about it to a whole new level. He has the ability to quickly grasp your weak points and struggles - and always knows exactly how to work on and solve them. That approach is different with every student - I am always amazed by how he manages to know exactly how much and in what way YOU need to be pushed, not following a pattern but approaching every student in his or her very unique and individual way. Needless to say that this results in highly impressive progresses of his classes. I’ve seen it in others and experienced it myself again and again. On top comes his infinite dedication to his work and his students. No matter how far you’ve travelled to LA and how foreign some things sometime might seem to you: in Matthew’s class you always feel at home, welcomed and supported, in a safe place with a stage as a playground that lets you explore and learn things that you never thought you might be capable of. No matter if you want to stretch your acting muscles or prepare specifically for a part, this is where you’ll find the right tools.
— Anne-Cecile Vogt, Actor
Matthew Scott Snyder, acting coach and teacher is by far the most talented and gifted acting coach I have ever worked it. His technique will free you of any “ideas” and fragments of what you and common belief think you should do in your acting. Instead, you will find the raw and truthful choices that come only from you. Transcending this from drama and comedy Matthew’s delicate, nurturing and effective teaching transcends the actors work from mediocre to shockingly real and truly exciting. I highly recommend Matthew for class instruction and and private coaching. He literally changed my life.
— Matilda Del Toro, Actor
Matthew is truly the most caring, talented, and incredible teacher. He has a unique ability to immediately understand and recognize the most authentic version of anyone who walks into his classroom. Regardless of one’s prior experience in acting, Matthew has a special way of stripping away anything that is false to create work in his students that is consistently real and relaxed. He teaches his students to be completely honest, available (open to be moved), and present (moment to moment). Regarding scene work, Matthew teaches his students to make unique, interesting choices that are specific to each actor to reveal their unique personalities. His students work in such an effective way, that they are able to be thrown into any circumstance and produce excellent work. Matthew is concerned in making his students the best of the best so that they can have successful, lifetime careers as actors.

Matthew makes his classroom a sacred space for students to experience and discover their deepest truths. The confidence he instills in each of his students allows them to be FREE in the work, until they are so accustomed to following every instinct and impulse, that they have no choice but to be honest. If you want to learn to become your most truthful self, under imaginary circumstances, Matthew will get you there FAST.
— Jenna Malatskey, Actor
I am Lupe Castro, Chilean actress and lawyer. I looked forward to attending classes at Studio4, even though it was only for a few days. It was my dream... and the experience was just like it. As soon as I entered the classroom, Matthew was very kind. He made me feel just like another student there like I mattered in class. I felt very comfortable.

I learned so much about Meisner technique!! During my first approach with the technique, Mathew brought out of me a set of emotions (in tears) that I didn’t even know I had.

I learned that acting is taking off all the layers we put over and wear during our whole life. I learned, that it’s ok to expose who we truly are. That in stage, we don’t need to think or plan. We just need to do... freely... and be as honest and real as we can.

It was a life changing experience! I really think Matthew is the best acting teacher I’ve ever known! He is passionate, he loves what he does, and you can tell he is interested in his students. He really knows how to bring out the best acting in you.
I even got cast for a commercial, and several auditions!!

So.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and thank you for making me feel that with talent and hard work we can reach our goals!!

I really hope I can take another class with you very soon.
— Lupe Castro, Actor
Matthew Snyder has ‎an uncanny ability to point actors toward the truth. Actors, even those with years of experience can learn something from Matt, he will make you a better actor....period.
— Tom Vitorino, Actor