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All PLAYS available for check-out are now listed on the on-line catalog - additional books are added daily.

To see our entire catalog please visit the library in person during the library hours listed below. 

If you are trying to find a certain book - please email - we'll let you know if we have it available.

Enrolled students: Please enter your information below so we can create a library membership for you to place items on hold. Additional information will be required in person upon physical checkout of your items.

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The Franco Library is home to over 6,000 books and plays from James' personal collection (with over 4,000 more on the way). Students have access to the library and are able to reserve and check out books as long as they are currently enrolled in Studio4 LA or NYC.


Library Hours

Come in during the following hours to get officially signed up with check-out privileges, check out books and see the collection up close and personal!

July 2017

Mondays: ---                                                              

Tuesdays: ---                                       

Wednesdays: ---                              

Thursdays: ---                

Fridays: 5pm to 7pm 

Questions or Concerns? Need to check out a book right away? Email - and a response will be made within 24 hours. Happy Reading!

The James Franco Studio4 Library Guidelines

  1. Each borrower must currently be enrolled in a class at Studio4.
  2. No more than 5 items can be checked out at any given time from the library.

  3. Materials may be checked out with a valid ID (driver’s license or passport) Credit Card Info. and assigned library access.

  4. All items may be checked out for a period of 2 weeks. If the items are not returned to the Studio4 Library by the assigned due date the borrower will incur a late fee.

  5. A $1.00 fee is incurred for each day an item is late. This fee will be assessed for up to two weeks at which point the item will be considered lost or stolen.

  6. Each borrower is financially responsible for all items that are lost/stolen ($75) or damaged ($ owed determined by Studio4) items.

  7. All fees must be paid within 30 days. If they are not paid voluntarily then the credit card on file will be auto-charged on the first of the month.

  8. No additional items can be borrowed until all fees are paid.

  9. Each borrower can place holds on items and pick them up at their convenience. If the borrower does not pick up the held item within 2 weeks then the item will be re- shelved and a $1 re-shelving fee will be incurred.

  10. All guidelines are subject to change. Any changes will be posted and all Studio4 students will be given sufficient notice.