Jay Davis

General Manager

Since 2010, Jay Davis has been a producer for Rabbit Bandini Productions. Jay was born in Hamilton, Ohio and earned his BA from Kent State University, in Northern Ohio. He moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to further his career in production.

He worked as an associate producer at FoxSports.com until joining Rabbit Bandini Productions. Since, he has not only used his producing skills, but has worked as an editor and cinematographer on several film pieces for James Franco’s art exhibit “Rebel”.

Jay was the producer of the web series’ “Undergrads North”, “Acting Class” and “Playhouse”, and produced the Behind the Scenes of James Franco’s movie “Child of God”. Most recently, Jay produced the Rabbit Bandini feature’s “Holy Land”, and “Bukowski” directed by James Franco, and is is producing and editing a short film for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’. Jay is currently producing several projects for Rabbit Bandini, “Killing Animals” a feature based off James Franco’s novel, a Gucci Sunglasses viral video commercial for Gucci, and “Gift Of Ages” a short film written by Harmony Korine, directed by and starring James Franco.