Studio4 was founded on the idea that the best training ground for an artist is a combination of rigorous classroom study with a hands on "learn by doing" approach.  If you are a passionate, committed individual, you'll find studio4 to be a welcoming, collaborative community of artists, where you can advance your professional abilities, learn new skills, and "find your film gang" to create quality work.

There's work and there's work from your heart.  People come to studio4 to study a craft, develop quality in their work, and express themselves. 

Training for the Actor - Our Acting Program consists of 3 Levels of Ongoing Classes and Stand alone Workshops.

ONGOING CLASSES - Meisner Technique Class and Scene Study/Audition Technique meet twice a week in 3 hour classes.  Actors are promoted to the next levels based on merit and work ethic.  Every actor works every class.  We recommend you audit a class and interview with the instructor before enrolling.

In our Meisner Technique Classes you build the foundation.  You learn to handle yourself truthfully under meaningful imaginary circumstances, and work from instinct off your acting partner.  When you act you will really listen, react from your impulses and have a real experience in a scene.