Students will deal with the professional demands and professional minded journey of developing a complete performance. Timing, character, pace, tempo, staging, are just some of the many specific challenges that they will direct students through as they prepare actors for the advanced, complete picture of what a professional performance entails.

Val Lauren and Scott Caan met while studying acting (alongside classmate James Franco).  Val and Scott have starred in over a dozen plays written by Scott and directed by Val, as well as a the award winning film "Dallas 362" written/directed by scott, Starring them both as well as Sean Hatosy(Animal Kingdom), Jeff Goldblum(Jurassic Park) and Selma Blair(Hellboy).

Scott and Val's last collaboration was on the full length play "No Way Around But Through", produced by Garry Marshall(Pretty Woman) and Mike Omalley (Shameless) Written By Scott, Directed by Val. They Starred in the play alongside Melanie Griffith(Oscar Nominated) Robyn Cohen and Bre Blair(NBC's Game of Silence) to a sold out run and  reviews)

All of the original plays they put on, then went on to be published worldwide.

James has asked Val and Scott to bring their theater course to Studio 4, so our students can experience the plays under the direct tutelage of Val and Scott. They class will not only cover all the published plays, but students who display exceptional work and are correct casting, will be given new material written by scott, with the potential of being cast in future productions here and outside of studio 4.

Course requires a 3 month commitment. Class will meet on Wednesdays 9am-1pm and requires plenty of outside rehearsal.