Anthony Montes


Acting Faculty

Anthony Montes founded The Artist Theater Group in 1987, where he has been teaching and he has produced over 90 plays. He has written seven screenplays, 24 one-act plays; and he is currently adapting two more of his plays. Anthony is a recipient of the Drama-Logue Award for acting. He also worked on "Playhouse" for James Franco, and acted in "Holy land", written and produced by James Franco; he also starred in the web series "It's Temporary". Anthony is on the judging committee for Mini Cinema TV. Anthony has adapted his play, THE LAST NIGHT INN as a feature film and it will be filmed in the spring of 2014, with Anthony acting in it. He has just completed acting in a play that he wrote, SUBWAY SUICIDE, where the sold out every show. He will be adapting that into a screenplay and it will be shot in the summer of 2014 with Anthony in the lead.