Unlike other coaches, Sean Whalen is currently a working actor, writer, producer, and heads the COMEDY/IMPROV department at STUDIO4.  He knows what the industry is looking for and what gets you noticed.

Sean can work with all levels of experience, from beginners to teens and working actors.

Sean believes a low stress attitude, trust in the process, and a positive environment gives the best opportunity for the artist to express themselves at their highest level of performance.  He is excited to be a part of your creative journey.  


Sean also can do self-tapes with or without coaching

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Private acting lessons with Sean Whalen have taken me from memorizing lines and acting as a character to really striving to actually be the characters I intend to portray on screen and stage. I have learned how to effectively break down scenes, how to approach a script, how to get inside a character’s head and how to create emotions in myself so they come across as authentic to an audience. Coming from a mostly stage background, I have also learned how to adapt to acting on camera. He breaks down lessons into manageable concepts and teaches how to apply them. I feel that Sean Whalen is a great acting teacher and coach for students of any experience level.
— Erin Spandorf, Actor

SEAN is currently recurring on NBC's hit show "SUPERSTORE" while working consistently in other Horror films and doing guest star appearances.  He has been working consistently in TV/FILM over the years amassing over 115 IMDB credits, Including: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Constantine, Jersey Boys, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Castle, Lost, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, The Closer, Up All Night, Halloween 2, Scrubs, NYPD Blue, Spin City, Men in Black and on and on...

Sean Whalen has taught me a lot about acting and improv. He’s taught me it’s not about “Me” but about the scene and bringing it to life. He’s taught me to listen, to stay in character, and to become the character. He has been very patient with our class, but pushes us when we need it.
— Moses Lara, Studio4 Comedy/Improv Student
First off, I want to start by admitting I am aware that I am not the easiest student to teach.  I am quite hyper, I suppose you could say, and I love to shout out my opinion or a Joke that I think of during not exactly the most opportune time.  That being said, Sean, among MANY other things has actually taught me to hone in that energy and take Comedy seriously, which in turn allowed me to understand what true comedy really is and turned me into a funnier person, while learning what I was truly good at and where I needed to ‘tone it down.’

I admire him so much for his patience, and consistency as a teacher but the thing I admire very most of all is that he actually cares.  You can say that teachers care about their students all you want, but I have been through hundreds of classes in my life, from grade school to counseling to college courses to other acting schools, and I can very clearly state that Sean Whalen has been my very favorite teacher in that he truly wants his students to reach their potential and succeed not just while in his class but long after they leave. 

He is so perceptive and intelligent that he is able to really break through to a students core even if they make it difficult.  He makes class fun, exciting and informative,  and I am forever indebted to him for what he has already taught me in the short 7 months I had been privileged to be a student of his at the James Franco Studio 4 LA Comedy Department. I know that his class is probably going to be the most lucrative in my career as an Actor.  For this and many other reasons, anyone would be extremely lucky to be able to learn from Sean’s Teaching.
— Andrew Golden, Studio 4 Student and Founding Member of the NOTS comedy improv troupe
Since Sean has joined us as Head of Comedy/Improv at studio4, the students who work with him are literally transformed for the better.  I have watched actors with little or no performing experience confidently BRING DOWN THE HOUSE after a VERY short time with Sean! I highly recommend Sean to anyone who has the opportunity to study with him.
— Sean Barnes, Creative Director, Studio4

Comedy improv teacher SEAN WHALEN invited "the NOTS" (studio4's comedy troupe and students of Mr. WHALEN) to the set of the TV show he was shooting, THE SCHOOL OF ROCK.  

Not only did they get to see their teacher practice what he preaches, but they also got to meet executive producer Jay Kogen!  

Ever heard the phrase "Got Milk?" and then..."Got (insert anything)?"  No one had before this one aired.  It started it all.  Directed by Michael Bay. 

An amazing class, where you can discover your hidden talents and learn how to apply Sean’s knowledge of acting to your own creativity and acting work.
— Jenia Kim, Studio4LA Comedy/Improv Student and Member of the NOTS improv troupe at Studio4
Sean Whalen makes his students know they are respected, safe and so supported in the work that they do. He really goes above and beyond and brings a contagious positive energy to everyone around him.
— Jennifer Clarke, Studio4LA Comedy/Improv Student and Member of the NOTS improv troupe that Sean Created

Sean also invites industry guests like Alan Ruck (Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Twister, Spin City) to share valuable insights about their careers and give advice to students.