Michael Bradley

Acting Faculty

Michael Bradley began studying the acting craft at Playhouse West in North Hollywood. After two years of study, Bob Carnegie, the school's founder, asked him to join the staff and teach at Playhouse West. His film credits include a lead role in a short film which was shot in Morocco and Italy called "La Horla" and a supporting role in a feature length film named “Teenage Dirtbag”. Michael has recently filmed seven USC short films and was cast in The Girl in the Enchanted Forest-a Christmas play at The Company of Angels which is one of oldest theater groups in Los Angeles. He was also recently in a Sherry Theater production called "What the Flowers Say". Michael has also assisted in the production of a number of James Franco directed films and produced the play "The Exonerated" for Jeff Goldblum at Playhouse West. He is also a regular volunteer at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.