Private Coaching

Matthew snyder

Private Coaching $150/hr. (Skype/FaceTime available for international actors)


Call ‭(614) 264-2330‬ for appointment and email ATTN: "Private Coaching" to send sides.

"Matt's positive attitude and excitement about the work is infectious.  He's taught me how to have FUN, removing that audition pressure."


"Matthew Snyder cares.

Truly, deeply, and passionately about the craft of acting, and the students he coaches. I've had the honor of working with him in class at Studio4 and in private sessions over the years, and not only does he have the ability to approach the material in an honest, effective way, but he wants to see you work, book, and have fun just as much (if not more) than you do!

He's a coach who very seriously goes above and beyond for his actors. Work with him and see."



Sean whalen


Private Coaching $100/hr. 


Unlike other coaches, Sean Whalen is currently a working actor, writer, producer, and heads the COMEDY/IMPROV department at STUDIO4.  He knows what the industry is looking for and what gets you noticed.

Sean can work with all levels of experience, from beginners to teens and working actors.

Sean believes a low stress attitude, trust in the process, and a positive environment gives the best opportunity for the artist to express themselves at their highest level of performance.  He is excited to be a part of your creative journey.  


Sean also can do self-tapes with or without coaching

For Coaching:

For Taping with or without coaching:

"Private acting lessons with Sean Whalen have taken me from memorizing lines and acting as a character to really striving to actually be the characters I intend to portray on screen and stage. I have learned how to effectively break down scenes, how to approach a script, how to get inside a character's head and how to create emotions in myself so they come across as authentic to an audience. Coming from a mostly stage background, I have also learned how to adapt to acting on camera. He breaks down lessons into manageable concepts and teaches how to apply them. I feel that Sean Whalen is a great acting teacher and coach for students of any experience level."